Squirt's Blog - Birds: the good + the not so good

Posted by Rene Loux - Oct 15, 2009

Squirt's Blog - Birds: the good + the not so good

Today was one of those days. It was good and not so good. I got busted with a bird in my mouth. Not so good. "Not cool," said Renée, "not ok." She said that cats are largely responsible for wiping out the native birds in Hawaii. How was I supposed to know? She didn't go so far as to say, "bad cat." But I get the feeling it was pretty unacceptable. But what's a cat supposed to do when the birdies are so inviting and delectable and right there. They're begging for it and they don't even hear my friggin bell. Renée says I should eat the cockroaches. Cockroaches?! She says they're crunchy and everyone likes crunchy. They happen to taste very bad. She should try them. Birds are crunchy too I want to tell her. They have nice hollow bones. She shouldn't feed the birds in such close range then. Plus, cockroaches are boring to hunt. I prefer gekos. They are quite a tasty snack and really quite sweet. Renée calls me a killer. Maybe I am. Ok, I definitely am, but when bestowed with such fine teeth and claws that I keep nice and sharp by sharpening them on the soft-top of her stand-up paddle board and the beautiful Tibetan carpets, what's a cat to do?


It was a good day because I heard that the entries for the Yesterday's News Do-Gooder contest are poring in, which I understand will benefit my fellow felines who are being looked after in animal shelters. I really feel for them and want the best for them because I was lucky enough to be rescued instead of having to go to one. Renée says that I was produced by the bushes. I think she means she found me in the bushes. I hardly remember it, but I do remember living in a bird cage in her office for a while before I got my bearings around the house (the door to the bird cage was open and it was on the ground mind you). So, I guess I should be grateful for the birds, not only for murderous play, but also for the birdcage I got to live in for a while. Maybe that's why I love to hunt them. Renée says I need therapy because I have all of the food in the world and still I hunt. I'd like to tell her that you can take the cat out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the cat.


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