Homemade Lemon Peel Concentrate and Produce Wash

This potent formula is made to be diluted –use 2 tablespoons per quart (32 oz.) of water. Dilute it in a spray bottle to spritz fruits and veggies or in a bowl so you can dunk greens to more easily clean inside their folds. It will stay fresh for about a year in a cool, dark pantry. PS: it can also be used as lemon extract for baking just like the little expensive bottles purchased in the store.



1 cup vodka

4 organic* lemons


Scrub the lemons with water.

Peel away the yellow part of the skin (which cooks call zest) and chop it finely. Try not to include any of the white pith because it’s bitter (especially if you are planning to bake with the extract). Place the chopped peel in a freshly washed glass jar and cover it with the vodka. Cap the jar tightly and let stand 2 weeks. Strain out the solids before using.

*using organic lemons is highly recommended as conventional lemons contain chemical sprays and waxes in their skin

To Make the Produce Wash

Dilute 2 tablespoons of concentrate in each quart of water. Put it in a spray bottle for spritzing or in a bowl for dunking. Rinse the produce after using the wash.

If you would like to make a pretty gift of the strained concentrate, add curly fresh lemon peels made with a zest tool.

Store the concentrate in a tightly capped jar, away from direct light at room temperature.