Green Your Getaway

3 ways to make an easy-on-the-earth escape

Reserve it

A lot of hotels say they're green but here's how to ID what lies behind the claim: Enter your destination or name of your accommodation into The site ranks hotels, motels, resorts, and bed and breakfasts according to how many 'green attributes' they have-from using earth- and human-friendly cleaning supplies, to relying on alternative energy, to hiring local workers.

Support it

Book your flights through these green sites-those that offer carbon offsets, support conservation efforts, etc. Book your flights, car rentals and hotels through travel agencies that offer carbon offsets to balance your traveling footprint. Some of the biggest names online, such as Expedia  and Travelocity, are on board offering options for just a couple of bucks with the click of your mouse after you've elected your itinerary.

Offset it 

Off-set your travel emissions with carbon credits whether to far-flung destinations or simply commuting to work or around town. Terra Pass and Carbonfund make it easy to calculate your carbon footprint and purchase carbon credits that fit your budget to reduce your personal (carbon dioxide) pollution. The third-party verified credits are used to support hundreds of carbon reduction energy projects such as wind farms, biomass farm power and landfill gas capture. Easy, affordable, and accountably cool.

Pause it

Suspend your daily deliveries, such as newspapers, while on holiday. Save some trees and some time upon return of sorting and recycling a pile of erstwhile news.

Unplug it

Unplug appliances and components while you fly the coop to prevent the vampire draw of energy. Gear that is plugged in but turned off can suck up to 40 percent of the energy drawn by appliances when in full use.

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