Beauty with Backbone

Most of us groom ourselves daily with more than a handful of products without much consideration to just what's in the formulas we apply to our most intimate nooks and crannies. It's not only beautifying agents, but also basic maintenance materials like shampoo, toothpaste, deodorants, shaving cream and soap that are worth a good, green look. Whether personal preening is a pleasure or just a daily chore, electing products with natural ingredients is a clean, wise way to green your regime.

The pursuit of beauty and health is as old as the hills and arguably as sought after as the king's ransom. Whether an effort undertaken for vanity, social vogue, or a deep-seated biological drive for self preservation and survival of the fittest, humans have been using prized formulas and special solutions in chase of good hygiene, lovely skin, clean teeth and good smells for eons, and the potions and lotions have changed with the times, for the better and the worse. True beauty may come from within, but good, green products and savvy skills certainly help.

Choosing clean, green beauty products isn't a liberal notion or a compromise. It's simply sensible and an absolute enhancement. It's selfish and selfless; it's better for us individually and the planet as a whole. Opting for plant-based products that harness the beautifying benefits of botanical ingredients over synthetic, petroleum-laden ingredients, preservatives and perfumes is not a radical choice, especially when they work terrifically and smell fantastic. Considering that our skin is genius at absorbing compounds and delivery to the bloodstream, greening your grooming regime is no conundrum. What goes on our bodies gets in our bodies and that's important.