Rotating Products

Every body is unique. Every body's skin and hair have different qualities, constitutions, textures and needs. It seems that different products work well for different people and until recently, from completely unscientific observations, I've noticed that certain products work brilliantly for a while and then loose their luster. I've always intuitively rotated my personal care product regime depending on the season, context of my daily environment and sometimes just for the heck of it and have always advised others to do the same. By regularly switching up my product choices such as moisturizer, serum, shampoo and conditioner, I've found that my skin and hair continuously respond positively; it seems I need less product for the same results and the products last longer. As someone who like to understand why and how things work, I did some digging to figure out if there was any empirical backbone to my natural, rotating reflex. Thanks in large part to the generous brains of some incredible scientists, chemists and skin biology experts, I've discovered that there are, indeed, scientific reason as to why rotating products seems to work. In a nutshell, our skin and hair reaches a level of saturation of even the best, clean, natural ingredients. Too much of a good thing is still too much. Upon saturation, skin and hair responds with immunity to the beneficial aspects of the good stuff. It simply stops responding. Beyond that, upon over-saturation skin and hair responds as it would to a toxin and rejects the stuff. Ultimately, over-using one product is a waste of time and money. Therefore, rotate products on a regular basis for reverent results. It's a simple as that.

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