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Reduce Your Pet’s Carbon Pawprint

Care for your animals in earth-savvy style

By Renée Loux, Womens Health Mag Eco-Guru

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1  A Natural Cover-Up

Keep Rover dry with West Paw Design Cloudburst Eco Rain Jacket, made from recycled fibers. It's machine washable in case your pup likes mud puddles. From $56, westpawdesign.com


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2 Waste Not

Preloaded with biodegradable bags, the iPickUp2 dispenser, which is built from recycled kite sails, makes cleaning up after your pet easy. $9.30, 4u2reuse.com


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3 Practice Restraint

Bamboo Wagging Green collars, leashes, and harnesses are not only completely biodegradable but also fast-drying and odor resistant. Collars from $11, leashes from $22, wagginggreen.com


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4 Rest Assured

The Organic Bumper Bed from West Paw Design is bolstered with a soft filling made of recycled soda bottles, and the cotton covers come in nine colors. From $63, urbanleashandtreat.com or westpawdesign.com


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5 Better Bedding

Line bird, bunny, and hamster cages with FiberCore Eco Bedding. Made from recycled paper, it's hypoallergenic and dust-free, keeping small animals and their owners happy and healthy. $6, fibercorellc.com



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6 Seeds of Change

Harrison's Bird Food is certified organic, allowing feathered friends to enjoy a meal without harming Mother Nature's other creatures. $8.09 for a one-pound bag, harrisonsbirdfoods.com


3 More Ways to Green Your Pet

Buy Good Grub - Look for pet foods that contain whole ingredients, not chemical byproducts or those made using ecologically unsound practices.

Wash Well - Use only plant-based, chemical-free soaps to clean and condition your pet's coat.

Litter Less - Cat litter from Yesterday's News (yesterdaysnews.com) uses recycled newspaper so it's gentler on the earth.

Q & A

Eco Centric


Are grass-fed turkeys healthier to eat than grain-fed ones?

–Margaret G., Lawrenceville, IL


Absolutely. Grass-fed birds are leaner, more nutritious, and more flavorful than commercially raised, grain-fed poultry, which are typically confined en masses and more prone to disease. And in terms of nutritional value, nothing beats fresh pasture grass - birds fed on it are higher in health-boosting antioxidants including omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, and beta carotene. They're also especially high in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which is believed to pack anticancer properties and reduce body fat. Look for grass-fed pultry in natural markets like Whole Foods or online at eatwild.com and grassorganic.com.


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Eco-guru Renée Loux is the Author of Easy Green Living.

Visit her at reneeloux.com

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