Moto Art

Renée Loux visits Donovan Fell and Dave Hall at their MotoArt studio to learn about recycled art in a segment from the TV series It's Easy Being Green.

If you came across a junkyard filled with twisted and rusted airplane parts, chances are you'd think it was just useless scraps of metal that have seen better days. But, for Donovan Fell and Dave Hall this is a jackpot.
"It's not so much the art of recycling, but the art of re-creation," explains Dave. "We make functional art out of vintage aircraft is the best way to describe what we do."
Rocket canisters morph into coffee tables, bombshells turn into aquariums, and airplane wings transform into slick conference tables. These guys are taking recycling to a whole new level. 
It all began when Donovan found some old, World War II propellers. What Donovan saw, and ultimately created, was a 9-foot tall, gleaming sculpture of aviation history. So, Moto Art, the company, was off to a flying start. Now they rescues and recycle an amazing array of aircraft parts.
What a great combination: create art, preserve history, and consider it recycling.
Dave says, " I don't think we set out to start this company being green; that wasn't our primary intent. Our primary intent was to rescue aviation history."
But, recycling is exactly what these two do. And, recycling in the best possible way, reusing industrial parts and repurposing them rather than creating all the parts from scratch. In their second life, these pieces will find themselves with top celebrities and in corporate offices.
"We all listen to each other and try to come up with the best museum-quality product we can, says Donovan, "and have fun."
And it's obvious after spending time with Dave and Donovan that they've found a way to balance both. 

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