Renee Loux + Mark Tarbell, Iron Chef winner

Renée Loux visits Iron Chef Mark Tarbell at his restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona for local organic food and veggie oil bio-diesel straight from the kitchen on a segment of her show, "It's Easy Being Green."

In the shadows of Camelback Mountain in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona resides a wonderful neighborhood eatery, Tarbell's, featuring locally grown, organic produce. The namesake of the restaurant is chef Mark Tarbell who is unassuming yet spectacular, just like his menu and establishment. His most recent accolade was on the national stage as an Iron Chef winner.

I always love spending time with Mark. We both cook, so of course, we started in the kitchen.

"This is a veritable playground of great produce!" says Renée.

Chef Tarbell responds, "All of our produce here is local and either natural or with organic practices or actually certified organic."

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